Friday, February 26, 2010

Week #6 - The game continues!

Amazingly enough, our team (Blue Team) made it through the rose ceremony in the Scrap Bachelor contest at LPS! We picked the closest number to the drawn number, and were able to complete all the layouts. This week's clue was very difficult for me! We were supposed to match up the remaining eight players with their fake identities. I got three right, including myself, the immune player, and one other I'm not sure of. So, I get to complete FIVE layouts this week! I also have to do my DT layouts, so I am combining them as much as possible. I have until Saturday night at midnight to get them all done! Wish me luck!

Sadly, I was eliminated at the end of this week! In a way, I'm relieved because it was getting harder to keep up with the scrappy assignments. Good luck to the remaining contestants!

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Lisa J. said...

Congratulations to the blue team!! You are rocking the LP gallery!