Friday, January 29, 2010

January Alternate Kit Designs!

This month, I'm working with the really fun and cute LPS Alternate kit by October Afternoon (Farm Fresh)!! It's packed with all sorts of goodies, including an entire set of Wild Cards, two sets of alphas, stickers, among other things! Here is what I've done so far.

I used Rhonda's flip card idea from the crop to make these cards!

Scrappy QOTD

Over at LPS this week, I've been posting the question of the day and scrappy QOTD. Here is my scrappy question today. I thought it was pretty funny! Where do you fit in?

"For my Friday finale, I decided to do something fun for our scrappy question! I just wanted to say that this thread is meant for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to an actual scrapper (real or imagined) was purely the invention of the thread writer!!

Many scrapbookers talk refer to their hobby as an addiction! I've taken the liberty of breaking this down into several common forms of addiction. Which category would you say you fit into?

The Hoarder - The hoarder loves her beautiful papers and embellishments soooo much, that she can't bear to even cut into some of her favorites. As a result, many of those items sit in her stash collecting dust until they are painfully out of style!

The Shopper - This scrapper is in love with the thrill of the chase!! She spends many hours stalking the sales in retail stores and on the internet, looking for a great deal or hard to find item. Often, she feels let down after her conquest. She must continue to search in order to feel any real pleasure! She has been known to raid the family "emergency" fund to get her next fix. Sadly, this obsession takes away her valuable scrapping time!

The Perfectionist - The perfectionist will spend hours on one page, to make sure every single detail is just right! She will sometimes get stuck on a page, and will be unable to move on until she can make it perfect. She has been known to throw an entire layout in the trash because it was not up to her extreme expectations!

The Self-Critic - This scrapper shares much in common with the perfectionist. She is her own worst enemy! This scrapper constantly compares her work to other layouts she sees, where she always falls short in her opinion. Never satisfied with her work, scrapping brings her very little joy.

The Manic Scrapper - When she gets on a roll - WATCH OUT! She will stay up all night working on a project if her creative juices are flowing! After an attack, her room is a disaster with paper and embellishments scattered around in complete disarray! This scrapper sometimes feels sad or depressed if her mojo is gone! She will wait days for another surge of inspiration.

The Advanced Scrap-aholic - There is little hope for this scrapper! Her disease has progressed so far that she seldom thinks of anything but scrapping. Her family is neglected, the house dirty, and her appearance is disheveled. She will go to any length for the next layout!"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scrap Bachelor Projects!

Scrap Bachelor, the newest contest at Life Preservers, is in full swing! I've survived the first week, where our challenge was to create a layout of your families favorite games or pastimes. There was the added bonus of doing a layout of your own favorite activities from childhood. I decided to do the childhood layout first, because I knew the photo I wanted to use. I was always playing with, holding, and talking to our pet animals when I was a child, and had a photo of myself holding our cat, Oddjob. I used products from the LPS October Project kit by Pink Paislee (Amber Road), which are very feminine and pretty.

For my family layout, I did a beach page, because that is something we like to do whenever we get the chance! I used some leftovers from the July kit by Fancy Pants (Summer Soiree). I have wanted to cut out these patterns since I got the kit!

For Week #2, we were given two choices, and each one had a different challenge. My challenge was to scrap a page using blue and two photos. Here it is, using an old LPS project kit, from the Bo Bunny Grease Monkey line.

Recent Projects

I'm involved in an Artists Trading Card (ATC) swap at LPS. Winter is this month's theme, which brings to mind all things snowy and sparkly! I was lucky enough to use some of the new Ranger inks, Precious Pearls and Distress Stickles I got with a birthday gift card. Boy, was it fun! I actually blew through an entire bottle of Picket Fence Distress Stickles before the project was complete! I was also able to use one of the many stamp sets that Sylvia so graciously sent me!!

I finally completed this layout, which had been stinking up my desk for the past week or so! I wanted to scrap these cool photos of Santa Cruz Boardwalk from last summer, and thought these Scrap Within Reach (Carnival Ride) papers from the LPS October mini kit would be perfect. I just couldn't quite decide on my final embellishments, so I slapped together a hand cut flower from some old dictionary pages, and called it done.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My favorite projects of 2009

I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and post some of my favorite projects from last year. I accomplished a big goal of mine, which was to post all of my work on the blog, so this will be really easy. Here they are, in no particular order:

Latte Love Crop at LPS coming in February!!

The DT is gearing up for another fabulous crop at LPS! The Latte Love Crop will take place starting Friday 2/5 and ending Sunday 2/7. Please join us for many fun challenges, make and takes, and games. Did I mention prizes?!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scrap Bachelor at Life Preservers Scrapbook Club!!!

There is still time to register to play the latest game at Life Preservers!! Von and Frank are known for creating the most fun and competitive scrappy contests around! Please sign up before January 16th, so you can join in on the fun!

Here is how it works:

~ The Contest kick-off for week one is Sunday January 17th, 2010. Clues will be given on this day no later than 7pm e.s.t. Solve the clue, receive your assignment due each week by Saturday midnight e.s.t.

~ Solve the clue or challenge and receive your scrappy assignment for that week.

~ Only those solving the clue and completing the Week 1 scrappy assignment by midnight e.s.t on the 23rd will make it into Week 2 "Rose Ceremony."

~ The Week 2 Rose Ceremony will occur on Sunday the 24th followed by the clue or challenge for Week 3 and off we go again.

~ The contest runs eight (8) weeks until two lucky scrappers remain for the final "Rose Ceremony" and grand prize!

What you need to do now:

Create your "character" for the contest. To make this the most fun, try and select a look and personality unlike your true self – remember – this is virtual! Create a character – have fun! There are no wrong choices here. To enter, simply email the information on this message board post and sign up NO LATER THAN NOON ON SATURDAY JANUARY 16TH E.S.T!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!!!

Happy New Year!! I hope the new year brings you all good fortune and happiness!