Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scrap Bachelor at Life Preservers Scrapbook Club!!!

There is still time to register to play the latest game at Life Preservers!! Von and Frank are known for creating the most fun and competitive scrappy contests around! Please sign up before January 16th, so you can join in on the fun!

Here is how it works:

~ The Contest kick-off for week one is Sunday January 17th, 2010. Clues will be given on this day no later than 7pm e.s.t. Solve the clue, receive your assignment due each week by Saturday midnight e.s.t.

~ Solve the clue or challenge and receive your scrappy assignment for that week.

~ Only those solving the clue and completing the Week 1 scrappy assignment by midnight e.s.t on the 23rd will make it into Week 2 "Rose Ceremony."

~ The Week 2 Rose Ceremony will occur on Sunday the 24th followed by the clue or challenge for Week 3 and off we go again.

~ The contest runs eight (8) weeks until two lucky scrappers remain for the final "Rose Ceremony" and grand prize!

What you need to do now:

Create your "character" for the contest. To make this the most fun, try and select a look and personality unlike your true self – remember – this is virtual! Create a character – have fun! There are no wrong choices here. To enter, simply email the information on this message board post and sign up NO LATER THAN NOON ON SATURDAY JANUARY 16TH E.S.T!!!!


DoubleL said...

I can't wait to start this!

Rhonda V. said...

It's almost here.... Oh so exciting!!