Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Card Making Breakthrough!!!

I'm always talking about what a reluctant card maker I am!! I never really enjoyed it, usually because I would wait until the last minute, then rush and scramble trying to create a beautiful card in a big hurry. That method really stinks!! I had an epiphany of sorts today, because I realized there were three big birthdays I missed out of flakiness and not being prepared. I decided I was going to spend today just working on cards! I actually made FIVE!!! I am so proud of myself! I also learned a few valuable things about card making, and here they are.

1. You can make all your cards in the same design. It makes it so much easier to make a bunch at once. You can change the sentiment on each one, but the basic design can be the same. HUGE BREAKTHROUGH! I thought they all had to be unique!

2. Card making is wonderful for using up your random stuff you've had forever. I'm talking about rub-ons, flowers, chipboard pieces, you name it! What an eye opener! You mean I can put all this crap to use?!!

3. Card making is perfect for using up those random lengths of cardstock you have piled up after other projects! I'm talking about that 2" X 8" length you have left over from cutting down card bases. I realized you can cut them up with your punches, Cricut, or put rub-ons on them!

Here are some of the cards I made! I already sent two of them out.


laterg8r said...

i'd love to see them :D

i usually make 40 of each card at the beginning of the year and send them out when i need to (birthday, xmas, blank etc) b/c i'm a reluctant card maker too!

Jodi said...

These are soo pretty!! Glad to see you are getting more comfortable making cards, because you always do a fabulous job!!

SnapWhiz said...

Gorgeous! I am working on making cards more often and being more creative with mine too. It is fun to read your tips and see your beautiful work. Bravo!!

Sandra said...

I'm glad you had a card breakthrough. Let me encourage you also that Page maps has some really awesome sketches for cards...if you ever get stuck in a rutt for ideas. These cards are awesome!