Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Travel Souvenir Case Tutorial

I order lots of photo prints from my local Walgreens. Each time, the photos come to me in these sturdy card weight envelopes. I usually recycle them, but I started thinking that there must be something to make with them. Here is my solution! Make a cool vacation travel souvenir case for all of your post cards, brochures, and even 3-D momentos you've collected this summer! All of the items used on this project are things you probably already have around the house! Items needed for this project are: photo envelope, old map (National Geographic works well) or other paper, adhesive of choice (you can use liquid or dry, as long as it's strong and permanent), scissors or exacto knife, some kind of closure for your envelope (I used a circle punch, eyelets, and string to make a library envelope style closure), alphas and travel themed embellies for decoration, and ink for edges (optional).

Start off with your photo envelope.

Carefully tear open you envelope at the sides, where it has been adhered. Lay flat you your work space.

Apply adhesive to the printed (up) side of the envelope. You should have a line of adhesive along all of the edges (get as close to the edge as possible), along any of the fold lines, and a bit in the middles for good measure. Next, lay your envelope up side down on the WRONG side of your map. It's a good idea to look at the map first to figure out what part you want to have show up on your project. Smooth your envelope out with your hands to make sure it is well adhered.

Next, use your scissor or exacto knife to cut around all of the edges.

At this point, you should fold along all of your fold lines, making sure to accordion fold the sides and bottom folds. Next, apply adhesive to the map side of your side flaps, and fold the front panel up and over your side flaps. The edges should be square. Press gently to make sure the adhesive is firmly in place.

Use some type of closure system for the top flap. I used two circles cut from thin cardstock with a circle punch, eyelets, and my Crop-a-dile to fasten a library-type closure to my case. Measure the centers and hold the circles up to the case first to make sure they will fit. Wrap and tie string around the top circle, and leave enough to wrap around them a few times.

Now, you can fill your envelope with all of the goodies from your vacation, and enjoy!! This would easily fit in your car's glove compartment during your trip, and you could also fit a small photo album or mini book of your trip inside! Imagine the possibilities!!


S said...

Wow, this is very cool. Haven't you been the busy bee!

helen said...

Great tutorial and a fab idea!

Amanda said...

awesome idea! Shared with my mom and sister. We have these walgreen envelopes all over the place. Might as well use them up! Thanks for the idea/tutorial