Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A love affair with paper???

I know I'm not alone in my obsession with beautiful scrapbook paper. It's almost like a serious crush or infatuation, really! You know what I mean, don't you? When I see a gorgeous new paper line from across the room, my heartbeat quickens and I feel a little flush. Then, comes the inevitable stalking stage, where I keep looking at photos of my obsession, even bookmarking the page where I can get a quick peek periodically throughout the day. Eventually, I cave into my desire to possess my crush, buying the entire line online or at a store. Occasionally, I feel a tinge of regret over my purchase, but usually I'm so enamored with my coveted new love, I keep going back to fondle, gaze at, and even smell it! In the end, it becomes a part of my ever expanding stash of product. If I'm really smitten with a certain paper, I might even "save" it until I find the absolute "perfect" photos to scrap with it. As a result of this hoarding behavior, I've got quite a few pieces of my favorites languishing in my stash. That does not stop me from seeking out new papers to play with, however!

Although I adore new products, I will never forget my former loves! I've recently decided that I should revisit some of these old favorites! I even went so far as to buy an entire line of two year old product I have admired from afar. I always loved the My Mind's Eye Abbey Road collection, and really enjoyed using the papers from the Stomp line. I never bought "Round and Round", although I secretly coveted it! The fun greens and reds were perfect for pages about my four kids, and especially the three boys. I never acted on my impulses, for some reason. Recently, I saw the entire line for sale online, and purchased every piece I could get my hands on!

Some of my other favorites include the 2007 release Cosmo Cricket "Halfway Cafe"! I bought two entire sets of this collection, which I used on many, many pages. It was a fabulous summer romance, and was so fun and easy to use, it seemed to make all of my photographs look good!

One of my favorite manufacturers, Rusty Pickle, sadly closed it's doors a few years ago. Not before I was able to purchase many sheets from the 2007 (a good year!) "Mayflower" collection! This paper was perfect for many different occasions, although it definitely had a stately old Americana patriotic feel.

You will be seeing some of these old favorites in my counterfeit kits this month! I encourage you to revisit some of your old loves! I'd love to hear what some of your favorites have been throughout the years!


Colleen said...

I had sooo much fun going through my stash to create my kit for this month! Can't wait to see yours!

Kate said...

Sometimes I think we are related!! Too funny. Did you forget Fancy Pants Mulberry Road or have you used it all?