Thursday, March 25, 2010

Create a diorama out of old packaging!

I originally saw this idea made by Melissa at LPS. I coveted this project, and have been saving this old Daisy D packaging for a chance to use it. I've had it for a few years now, and decided to give it a shot. Here are some basic instructions, in case you would like to try one yourself. You can adapt them for your own needs.

You will need some sort of packaging that is deep enough to hold a few 3-D items. I liked this packaging because the window was an attractive shape. You will also need a sheet of patterned paper, plus extra for embellishment, some 3-D objects to put in your diorama, ribbon, and embellishments of choice.

1. Carefully, tear open your packaging along the seams. Remove the plastic window, and set aside. You will want to replace this when you glue it all back together.

2. Spread out on the wrong side of your patterned paper, and trace around the outside edges and window of the packaging with pencil. Trace the window opening, as well.

3. Cut along your pencil lines with scissors. Cut out the window with an exacto knife.

4. Glue the patterned paper to your box. Adhere the wrong side of patterned paper to the print side of your box. Clip off any extra paper that hangs over the edge. (Note: I recommend an adhesive that gives you a few seconds of wiggle room!)

5. Fold along the edges, and ink if desired.

6. Punch a hold in the center top lid to thread a ribbon through for hanging.

7. Glue paper down as your background for your diorama. Depending on how much you can see, you may want to wrap the paper around the edges.

8. Arrange the items in your diorama, and glue down securely. Allow to dry completely before reassembling the box.

9. Thread your ribbon through the hole you punched in the top flap, and tie a knot.

10. Glue your box back together. Be aware that some of the tabs may interfere with your scene. If so, just glue them to the outside, instead.

11. Decorate as desired.

12. Hang up in your home, and enjoy!!!

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