Friday, August 31, 2012

Ugly paper....and a little layout!

 Back in June, I found a fun swap on challenge blog called "Inspired to Scrap", but unfortunately saw it too late to participate.  The ladies in the swap each sent another person two sheets of the ugliest paper in their stash, which they were then to do a layout with.  My scrappy buddy, Joyce, happened to receive two very ugly sheets of paper, that I also had in my stash!  Can you believe I actually bought the left piece of Sassafras Lass when I found it in a local store!  I had just found out SS was going out of business, and thought I should grad some sheets while I still could.  It's kinda cute, in a weird way.  The other sheet, is just plain ugly.  I had received it in a kit with the rest of the line from SS Amplify.

So, that's how the idea for this layout began.  I was going through a bad patch with my oldest son, Leo, and found this awful photo of him which is a self portrait from his iPod.  I tried to express my mixed emotions in this layout, which is much harder than you think!  It's much easier for me to scrap about things that make me happy!  When I showed it to Leo, he said he hated it, and never wanted to see it again!  I'm pretty sure he is not a follower of my blog, so I'm pretty sure I'm safe.  Can you keep my secret?


Joyce said...

Gabrielle, You did a great job using that ugly paper. It wasn't easy for me to do and I'm sure you had trouble with it too. But it turned out really good!! I'm glad I inspired you! :)

...I will keep your secret :)

marta traughber said...

I won't tell a soul!

Sandra said...

Hi Gabrielle!! Long time eh?! I'm trying to find you on Facebook, since I got it again....add me. :) you can find me here: http://facebook.com/sandrac.ottawapinkdrink