Monday, February 14, 2011

Counterfeit Kit Journaling Challenge

I think we all know how important it is to include journaling on our pages! When I pass away, I would love to leave something behind besides just pretty pages with photos on them. The story behind the photos is just as important! I have been guilty of including only the bare minimum information on my pages, so I know how difficult it can be. In fact, when making this page, I did at least four first drafts!! There is still one part that I wish I could change! My handwriting is not the best, and I really tried to make it as pretty as possible. It would have been much easier to print it out on the computer, even though I know it's important to leave behind an example of my handwriting. So, this project was a CHALLENGE for me!

"I love the idea for the mini-challenge because journaling is so important, and so often forgotten on our pages! For the "journaling only" challenge, I knew I wanted to scrap a page about my husband's proposal. It is one event that I don't really have a photo of, and since it was very romantic, I thought it would go very well with my kit. My journaling was so long, and I tried several times to fit it onto my page in an attractive manner. I originally printed one of the free journaling spots we were given very big, in the hopes of fitting it all in. It looked funny, but I really liked the artwork on that piece. So, I used the reverse side of one of my papers (it was lined), and wrote my journaling out on that. Then, I cut out the flourish pattern from the journaling spot, and adhered it to my journaling block. I used the Prima backing behind the journaling block, so I could include the rest of my story, which can be read by sliding the card out. I used
water colors and the Shimmerz to color in the floral design, and dotted Liquid Pearls along the flourish for a touch of bling. I layered many pieces of paper to make the frame for my journaling block. The alphas I used for my title were ones I had planned on using in my add-on, but had forgotten to include (Fancy Pants Road Show). Everything else is from the kit. Thanks for the awesome challenge!"

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Margie said...

This is a lovely layout!I love the tag and flower, so pretty!