Saturday, June 5, 2010

You want a good laugh?!!

My friend Maggi Just add glitter and stir recently posted some photos of herself in some glamor shots from the 90's! Not to be outdone, I decided to post this one I had taken in the early 90's (I was about 26) to impress my new boyfriend (now husband). The stylist did not understand what I wanted at all, which was more Marilyn Monroe. Instead, he curled my hair tight, outlined my eyes and brows in black, and painted my lips pink! Yuck! This definitely falls into the category, "What were you thinking?"!! They're good for a few laughs, anyway. I was furious at the time, because I was out $50 for the sitting fee, and I did not even order any prints!


Maggi said...

Ha! Look at you glamour queen! It may not have been what you were going for, but you look beautiful! :) Thanks for posting this, so glad I'm not alone! hahahahahaha

Laura-Lee said...

You look sooo good Gabrielle! That's an awesome photo! What did your kids say?