Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here are pics of some of the gifts I've made so far this year. I had a kit to make sock monkeys, which I've been meaning to use forever. I think it came out pretty cute! The monkey is going to Payton Rose in Southern California.

One thing led to another, and Leo and I decided to make a sock elephant for his Secret Snowflake at school, who loves elephants. Greg thought the nose looked a little phallic, but you can see how sweet it's little face is in the detail!

Naturally, that led to something else!! I found the coolest instructions for these sock monsters on the internet, and had to make some of these. These two went to my nephews Grant and Marco in Colorado. These monsters are so fun to make! I kept cracking up every time I sewed on the features! They seem to come alive when they are made.


Sandra said...

Holy Toledo's Gabrielle!!! Those are amazing!! Aren't these the funnest things to make? I swear I cracked up laffing more than I did anything else. You are right, just putting on those special features is a challenge in itself, but oh so fun!! I am going to make another one tonight! I can't stop. LOL! NOW, that sock elephant is off the wall!!! WOW! Totally amazing - and what a special gift for a classmate!! Bet ya he thought it was awesome!! I found myself looking at socks at the store last night, wondering what to make. If you use the fluffy socks, they come out really full and fluffy. Glad you are updating your blog too. :) AND congratulations on making the design team!! Gonna be an awesome year. I must get back to my December layouts now. :) ciao!

christina said...

omg those sock animals/monsters are THE BOMB!!!!!!! i especially love the elephant and the monkey LOL. soooo stinkin cute.

CONGRATS on making the DT :)i can't wait to see more of your work and sooo flippin happy you updated your blog lol

Ziggyeor said...

Those are so cute! I"m in love with the sock monsters. What a great gift :D


Andrea said...

Those are so adorbale Gabrielle!!! I think, someday, I will make one too!! I love that elephant, especially!!!

Melissa said...

Gabi - you're a rockstar!

Left you some love on my blog - check it out :)